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Make your institute digital by bringing all the stake holders- students, parents, teachers and management on single platform.
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- Unique User ID and Password for each student.
- Alert and pop-ups for new update.
- Quick and Secure and Easy to use interface.
- Online Exam with instant result declaration.
- Online Fees payment facility via school Web/Mobile application.
- Can submit online leave and get alert on acceptance or rejection
- Check Daily Attendance, Homework, Classwork, Assignment, Notices and Diary etc.
- View Remarks & Warnings given by Teacher / School.
- View Activity calendar, Circulars, Time-table & Syllabus.
- Give Feedback / Suggesions to school.
- View Certificate and gatepass Issed by school.
- View Test marks and Examinantion result.
- View Libarary / Bus Informations related to his ward.
- View files and video upload by school.
- Single login for class and subject teachers.
- Anywhere anytime access to student records.
- Add Attendance, Homework, Classwork, Assignment and Syllabus.
- Add Date sheet, timetable And Notice, Holiday Homework and Notes etc.
- Send SMS and Notification to students.
- Manage weekly plan.
- upload Files, Notes and Video.
- Add marks and System automatic convert grades and Generate Report card and Gazette.
- Maintaining academic and personal details of the student.
- Uploading for Documents like Aadhar card, SLC/TC, Birth certificate.
– Uploading of Student/ Father/ Mother/ Gaurgian photos.
– Can approve / disapprove leave sent by student.
– Add self attendance and also apply for leave.
– Add/edit students.
– Take oline exam (Objective/Subjective).
– Generate Question paper.

- Get all the information on the parents’ grievances and redressed thereof.
- Send SMS to all staff members and students.
- Add Notice in students App at without any extra cost.
- Student profile, Provide all Personal and Academic information of a student on a single click.
- Send SMS and Notification to students and Staff.
- View and Manage weekly plan of teachers.
- Can daily class attendance status.
- Check classwork and homework give in all classes.
- Check Assignment, notes, video etc given in diffrent classes .
- Check daily collection and defaulter in fees.
– Can approve / disapprove the leave of staff.
– Can add remarks for students/ staff as per the performance.
– check online test performace of students.
- Get all the information on the parents’ grievances and redressed thereof.
- Send SMS/Email to all staff members and students.
- Complete school assess.
– Add Users, Staff, and Students.
- Add student/staff attendances.
- Add school holiday for all students and staff in single click.
- View and Manage weekly plan of teachers.
- Add/check Homework, Classwork, Diary, PTM, Holiday List etc.
- dd/check Timetable, Payroll, files and videos etc.
- Add Honor board, Shining star, Online test and classes etc.
- Generate Report card -Student/Class wise.
– Add mark for Routine test and Exams.
– Generate all required reports.

This module handles everything from enrollment of students to making individual results of students. The real time analysis of academic reports of a student is most vital part of the education system. - ERP helps manage Exams, Publish Results and conduct Online Test from one platform.
- Easily notify your students and parents through SMS or App notification for each exam.
- Manage all exams for your institute taken weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annually.
- Teacher / Admin can enter marks of the students and automate the generation of the school report card.
- Compatible with both Marks and Grade entry.
- Define weightage of each curricular & extra curricular component to auto-generate final grade.
- One-click print-ready term & final report cards. Auto-upload to student & parent portal.
- Admit card and Attendance sheet generation.
- Various types of Report for the internal reference or Boards.
- generate Gate passes of students with photo of Receiver.
- Instant alert to parents via sms/notification when gatepass generate.
- Option to Add General and Admission Enquiry.
- Manage Students / Teachers and Other Staff Members.
- Add Studnets / Staff Attendance.
- Generate Cerificate eg. SLC, Bonafide Certificate and Teacher Certificate etc.
- Manage all Resume submitted in school.
- Schedule Interviews and manage their results with complete checks.

- It allows to receive payments in various fee heads for easier classification and analysis.
- System has flexibility to set fees amount and frequency of payment at student level.
- Role-based access and privileges (Different views and access for different user types).
- User friendly interface to collect fees and fines.
- Online payment facility via school Web/Mobile applliaction.
- Partial fee collection and advance management.
- Multiple payment mode – Cash/Cheque/Demand Draft/Credit Card/Debit card etc.
- Easy to record the cheque no./Cash notes received in fees.
- SMS/Notification alert for Fees Deposits and defaulters.
- Instant Fees Defaulter Report in class teacher application (Optional).
- Option to receive fees of left students.
– Multiple Fees reports.
- Manage Job Applications and store a copy of the applicant’s resume
- Manage interviews.
- Maintain detailed employee records with cutomizable fields & document uploads.
- Define pay structures, manage salaries & distribute pay slips.
– Assign and approve leave of staff send by school application.
- Add school holiday for all students and staff in single click.
- Keep track of employee performance and generate instant reports.
- Generate Bank letter for salary transfer.
- Allow students and other staff to provide insights into the performance of your teachers.
- Auto-generate ID cards for students & employees. Generate gate passes for visitors.

- Track finances with live dashboard and income & expense reports.
- Easily manage suppliers and their bills.
- Manage Purchases.
- Manage Daily Cash Expenses.
– Option to view party wise ledger.
- Outstanding Report.
- User-friendly interface for librarian and other stakeholders.
- A Unique Barcode for each book in the library as per the ISBN Book marking standards.
- Manage Books, Racks, Sections.
- Add multiple copies for a single book in one click.
- Parent can view detail of book issued, Date of Return and Fine if any via parent app.
- Collect Fines & Security Deposits and give discounts.
- Manage Newspaper / magazine / Book with vandor details.
- Option to issue books to School / College staff.
- Diffrent fine and book return setting for staff and students.
- Generate report for Books, Issue/Return Books and library fine collection etc.
- Manage Lost/Damaged/Missing books separately.
- Set a book issue limit for all users.
- Send Due SMS / Notification to students in your own template.

The full-fledged hostel management system will increase efficiency through reduced paperwork. The module provides a full-featured system to manage the entire residential system of the institution. It will extend the residential services to finance module to show current balance in their account.
- Manage different hostels available for the institution
- Allocation of students and hostel fees
- Manage Room Availability
- Daily attendance
Our school visitor sign-in/check-in app allows you to collect specific data and specify unique terms of entry for different visitor types such as parents, contractors, and volunteers.
- Visitor photo capture, Items carried in/out.
- Issue school passes with check in time.
- Easily search history for any specific visitor.
- Validating whether an adult has parental authorization to check out a child.

- Maintenance of vehicle logbook.
- Repairs and service details.
- Manage All Transport Expense Head Wise.
- Get Bus Wise Average Report.
- Get Bus wise Expense Report - like expenditure on Diesel, Wear and Tear, Salary and other.
- Day wise expense Report.
– Create Master i.e. Category master, Item Master, Vendor master and Add Tax master.
– Inventory Management.
– Dead Stock Register.
– Issue/Receive Register.
– Get history of purchase.
– Stock distribution & records.

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